A few things about our lovely Villa and team

A Travel Through History

Divided into two words, Casa and Maya, Casamaya Villa stores a lot of history behind its name. Taking form Italian and Spanish word ‘Casa’, meaning ‘house’, this villa is meant to be your home away from home.

On the other hand, the word ‘Maya’ has a lot of meaning in different languages and cultures. In Latin means ‘great’, in Sanskrit means ‘Illusion’, in Hebrew means ‘spring’, in Persian means generous and in Nepali means ‘love’.

Therefore, Casamaya means “A Homey Place Just Like Your Home

Our Villa

Located between Legian and Seminyak, this modern accommodation is a perfect place for all ages. It can serve well for couples on their honeymoons or those who need a peaceful environment. Be prepared to allow our friendly and experienced staff to cater to your new “home”.

To make sure our guest stays connected with pending jobs back home, our Wi-Fi connection is guaranteed to keep you company during work time. If you feel insecure to leave your valuable belongings while you are away, you can store them in the safe deposit box.

If you need to celebrate anything or make surprises to your loved ones, please contact our staff as we will cater you with the decorations and all the preps related based on your request. 

Our Team

Our well-trained staff is available to assist every guest during the stay. The place is completely secure and safe. We have the policy to safeguard all the assets of our guests. We keep all and sundry information about our guests absolute confidential.

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